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Flushing Meadows, New York
August 27-Sep 9
Grand Slam

2R: Bammer[19] def Dementieva[14] 6-1 6-2
2R: Dementieva[14] def Cetkovska 6-3 6-2
1R: Dementieva[14] def Cohen-Aloro 6-4 6-3
2R: Dementieva/Pennetta vs Raymond/Stosur[2]
1R: Dementieva/Pennetta def Laine/Wozniacki 6-4 6-1
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US Open Aug 27-Sep 9
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1. Henin, Justine [1]
2. Sharapova, Maria [2]
3. Jankovic, Jelena [3]
4. Kuznetsova, Svetlana [5]
5. Ivanovic, Ana [4]
6. Chakvetadze, Anna [6]
7. Mauresmo, Amelie [7]
8. Petrova, Nadia [9]
9. Williams, Serena [8]
10. Bartoli, Marion[11]
11. Hantuchova, Daniela[10]
12. Schnyder, Patty [12]
13. Dementieva, Elena [15]
14. Williams, Venus[13]
15. Vaidisova, Nicole [14]
16. Safina, Dinara [16]
17. Hingis, Martina [17]
18. Golovin, Tatiana [18]
19. Peer, Shahar[19]
20. Bammer, Sybille [20]
Sony Ericsson Race
1. Henin 3675
2. Jankovic 3475
3. Ivanovic 2707
4. Kuznetsova 2546
5. Sharapova 2340
6. Williams, S. 2141
7. Chakvetadze 2106
8. Williams, V. 1740
9. Petrova 1698
10. Hantuchova 1684
16. Dementieva 1357
Past Tournament

New Haven, Connecticut
August 20-26
Tier 2

QF: Kuznetsova[1] def Dementieva[6] 4-6 6-3 3-0 ret. (nausea)
QF: Dementieva[6] def Bartoli[3] 6-4 6-2
2R: Dementieva[6] def Harkleroad 6-1 7-6(6)
1R: Dementieva[6] def Santangelo 6-2 3-6 6-0
Not entered
Saturday, September 30, 2006
Radwanska upsets Dementieva
Agnieszka pulled a big upset as she defeated Elena Dementieva 7-5 6-2 to reach her first WTA Tour semifinal. This is also Radwanska's first top 10 victory.

According to Dementieva, she was trying too much which caused a lot of unforced errors for her. Anyway, we'll move on to Stuttgart next.

Davai Elena!
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Friday, September 29, 2006
Radwanska bagels Venus, to face Elena in QF
Top seed Elena Dementieva will be facing an unexpected opponent on her quarterfinal match at the Fortis Championships. When the draw initially came out, everyone has been expecting a Dementieva-Venus or Dementieva-Ivanovic showdown in the quarters. But Radwanska spoiled the party for everyone and will try to score a revenge against Dementieva.

Agnieszka Radwanska, 17 y.o. Polish teenager, successfully made her WTA debut at Warsaw earlier this year by beating Anastasia Myskina and reaching the QFs of that tournament. Incidentally, it was Dementieva who defeated her at that tournament. Since then, Radwanska has been improving. She's currently ranked No. 95 in the world rankings, and has reached the 4th Round of Wimbledon in June.

Tonight's match will be a test for Radwanska. She must be feeling really confident with her easy win against Venus but she must also be tired since she had to qualify for this tournament. Anyway, if Elena brings her A game tomorrow, I don't see why she wouldn't advance to the semis. Radwanska is really good and is a young player to watch but she's just not on that level yet.

Davai Elena!
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Thursday, September 28, 2006
Lena eases past Stosur
Fortis Championships top seed Elena Dementieva eased past Samantha Stosur 7-5 6-1 at last night's 2nd round action. She awaits for the winner of the other 2nd round match between Venus Williams and Agniezka Radwanska.
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Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Luxembourg 2R: Dementieva vs Stosur
Top seed Elena Dementieva will have a tough task of getting to the quarterfinals of the Fortis Championships as she faces reigning Doubles No. 1 Samantha Stosur on the second round. Samantha Stosur has been making big strides in her singles career in the past few months and is now No. 30 in the world rankings. This match will be Dementieva's debut match at Luxembourg.

The only previous meeting between these 2 girls was at Los Angeles last year where Dementieva triumphed over Stosur 6-4 6-3. But a year has passed and both girls are playing better this year. Stosur has a good serve which could make life more difficult for Dementieva. Dementieva has to show up well-prepared in their match or she might be upset by Stosur.

I'm actually anxious to see how this match will be like. Elena is coming off from her quarterfinal run at the US Open where she was upset by Jelena Jankovic. Clearly, that loss was very painful to Elena so I want to see how that has affected her. She's been more consistent this year, but that loss against Jankovic clearly affected her if you base it on her post-match conference.

Anyway, I hope that that loss will motivate her more and take her to realize that she needs to step up another level. I know she can do it.

Davai Elena!

Doubles News

Elena Dementieva and Michaella Krajicek had no problem of dispatching the Bondarenko sisters 6-3 6-1 in the 1st round of Doubles. They will probably face the 4th seeded duo of Groenefeld/Huber in the quarterfinals.

Davai Elena and Michaella!
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Monday, September 25, 2006
Elena back in action at Luxembourg
After 2 weeks of rest, Elena Dementieva goes back on court as the top seed of the Fortis Championships in Luxembourg. The Fortis Championships is a Tier 2 indoor hardcourt tennis tournament. Nadia Petrova, Patty Schnyder and Dinara Safina join Dementieva as top seeds of the tournament, each of them receiving a first round bye.

This is Elena's debut at the Fortis Championships and her opening match will be either against Anne Kremer or Samantha Stosur. If Elena wins this match, she will have a QF showdown against either Venus Williams or Ana Ivanovic. Williams is coming off from a wrist injury while Ivanovic suffered an opening round loss in Bali two weeks ago. It looks like it'll be a tough QF for Elena, but if she gets through, Schnyder is probably waiting for her in the semis. But Schnyder is not really a great indoor player so we might see Francesca Schiavone or Michaella Krajicek instead of Schnyder in the semis against Elena. The bottom half of the draw contains Safina, Pierce, Golovin, and second-seed Nadia Petrova.

This is the second-time this year that Elena has been the top seed of the tournament. The first one was at s'Hertogenbosch where she reached the semis. I hope she lives up to her seeding and get her third title of the year and solidify her place in the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Race to the Championships here in Luxembourg.

Davail Elena!

Doubles news

When Flavia Pennetta withdrew from this tournament, I thought Elena won't play doubles in this tournament. Imagine my surprise when I saw her name in the doubles draw. She's partnering Michaella Krajicek in this tournament. In the first round, they will face the Bondarenko sisters. Let's see how their team will hold up.

Davai Elena and Michaella!
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Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Crash Club by Peter Bodo
From TW:

Every player always feels "disappointed" in defeat, but tennis is a crazy game (stop the presses!), not least because just about everybody, every blessed week, spins out and hits the infield wall. They go up in a great big ball of fire and smoke and miraculously walk away - just like most of those NASCAR pilotas - helmet in hand, suffering nothing more serious than third-degree burns to psyche.

Ultimately, it's really just a matter of where you spin out, in Turn 1 (just ask Vince Spadea about that), or in Turn 4, during the gun lap, in which case you have the privilege of watching the likes of Justine Henin-Hardenne or Amelie Mauresmo roll by you to take the checkered flag while your eyelids are getting flash-fried to your eyeballs and you're already thinking acceptance speech: "Thank you, ballboys and ballgirls (calm down, Mats!)."

This explains why the great players all share one outstanding attribute: a short memory. And it also helps explain why losers tend to be rather philosophical in defeat. Can't win every week, you know, mate? Heck, 95 per cent of the pros don't win in any week. The gun goes off and only one player ultimately crosses the finish line, while the infield is lined with smoking wrecks and guys in haz-mat suits, foaming down the track.

And you're supposed to do this, week after week? There's only one bit of cold comfort for any of the players in all of this: they may have nothing in common with one man or woman (the winner), but a whole lot of that misery-loves-company type of camaraderie with (at a major) 126 others. Welcome to the Crash Club.

Still, now and then there's a situation where the philosophical approach is an inadequate buffer, and it means nothing that a steady parade of losers has preceded you in that long walk to the press room. Now and then, it really hurts, not with that, "Ouch! Hey I'm still in the doubles!" level of hurt, but a deeper hurt. Sometimes a player simply can't hide the disillusion behind glib sound bites in the presser. That's why I wanted to jump out of my seat during Elena Dementieva's press conference today (she was crushed by Jelena Jankovic, 6-2,6-1)and give her a big hug.

Of course, if I had done that I would have found myself asking, a short while later, "Elena. . . Are you, ah. . .going to press charges?"

So I just sat there studying the look of utter deflation on Elena's pleasant, equine face, thinking: "Wow. This one really hurt."

Consider the situation. Dementieva has established herself in a unique role as a Grand Slam bridesmaid; to the best I can figure (I'll have to check with the WTA on this one), she's the only former GS finalist in the field who hasn't gone on to win one. Such an attractive girl, and there she sits at the Big Dance, unasked. I can hear the chaperones talking amongst themselves . . . It's a pity. . . She has so much to offer. . .Such a nice girl. . .and, the inevitable. . . Ah, do you think there's something wrong with her?

At this point, you're all supposed to shout in unison, You Bet! She couldn't bust a sheet of paper with that serve, and that's assuming she could hit the danged thing.

To which I say, begone, naysayers! (Hey, I like that, I sound rather Shakespearian, no?)

Granted, Dementieva didn't hold serve once today; in fact, I'm not all that sure she's held serve since 2001. But what I love about this girl is that she's somehow found a way to buck the entire, subtle, finely-tuned athletic logic of three centuries worth of tennis and succeed without a serve. Think about it. This is like someone without feet making the national soccer team.

When Dementieva arrived at the USTABJKNTC this morning, she had to be feeling pretty good about her chances. For once, while she had the usual wrap on her left leg (something that the astute Charlie Bricker noted in her presser), it was largely a preventative measure; for once, she was getting a good but comparatively inexperienced opponent (this was Jankovic's first quarterfinal at a major); Dementieva had lost just 26 games and no sets en route to the quarters.

Serve? Ha! Who needs it?

In fact, wasn't it Jancovic herself who had gleefully admitted (after losing a tight, three-set final to Dementieva at Los Angeles, just a few weeks ago) that she had a lot of trouble with Dementieva's serve: "For me, I prefer, I can return easier Serena's serve than Dementieva's serve. I mean, in LA, Serena would hit a 125 mile (per hour) serve and I would it it even harder back, hit a winner back. But then I played Dementieva, who hits 80 mile serve, and I can't even make it over the net. I don't know what it was. But now I got used to it somehow."

And you just know it eventually must spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e for Dementieva when a rival makes it out that her serve is her ace-in-the-hole.

So today, Jankovic teed off on Dementieva's serve, but instead of firing back with her usual Rapid Response tactic (throwing in 38 double faults; gets 'em every time!), Dementieva hit just five. The real damage was done less by Dementieva double faults or service speed (did you notice that they dragged out a sundial to time it?), or Jankovic winners, than by the relentless pressure she applied by powdering those returns: Elena, you're playing soccer with no feet. Ha-ha-ha, Wham!

Elena, of course, could be forgiven for sloughing all this off with a shrug and telling the press, Hey, I got to the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open without a serve, and made more than any of you do in a year on the way. What am I supposed to be all bent out of shape about?

But that's not the Dementieva we know and love. Just an hour and two minutes after it started, it was all over. It came faster than the rain (which in New York these days is saying quite a bit), and it hurt more than hailstones. Another year has gone by without Dementieva winning a major and people once again muttering, This girl is good, but she's no Anastasia Myskina. . .

What you have to love about this girl, though, is that she really, truly, believed she could do it this year. She didn't exactly say that, but it was expressed in her disconsolate expression and lack of animation. She looked bitterly disappointed. How could a woman who got to the U.S. Open quarterfinals without the foundational stroke in the game feel so let down? She found a way. And she made a telling remark when she was asked if she was disappointed that she didn't get back to the semis or final, as she had on a few occasions in the past.

Yes, I am disappointed." She said. "I still have - I still feel like it was a good result, to be in the quarter. But, you know, I fell like I could do, you know, a little more, and I could go to the semifinals. Yeah, it is disappointing, you know. I'm getting older, and I haven't won a Grand Slam, so that's really what I'm thinking about all the time. I feel like I was in good shape here. That's why it's sad."

So that's really what I'm thinking about, all the time. . .

There you have it, as unvarnished as it comes.

I couldn't help ask her if there were a piece missing somewhere, mostly because I was vaguely hoping that she might say that she already had some overall game plan in place for next year, some new serving coach or fitness routine, perhaps a Voodoo priestess or sports psychologist (whoops, same thing). Heck, at this point even some long-haired, opportunistic Svengali who drives a red Ferrari and goes by just one name might do. But Elena just said:
I feel like I'm doing the right thing, you know. I can't play perfect every single day. It's impossible for anyone. So I'm just trying to work hard, and, youknow, trying to fight in the court, no matter what, you know, no matter how my serve is, no matter how I feel. You know, I try to fight because that's what it takes you to be champion, you know. Try to win, no matter how you feel today.

A little while later, she added:Actually, I feel disappointed because my leg feel so much better now. I had some problems in the beginning of the tournament, but today I was feeling physically great and I was like ready to run. I was ready to have a good match. It was over in an hour. I was very sad.

On paper, I guess, those quotes don't necessarily scream, "Put this girl on suicide watch!" But Dementieva was devastated; about that I have no doubt. And I hadn't realized how accustomed I'd grown to the oh-so-reasonable and dispassionate assessments players produce to explain losing. It's probably better that way because, in the long run, feeling so crushed by a loss would make anyone want to fling himself off the top rail of Arthur Ashe stadium (And I can only imagine how the players would feel!)

When you think about it, this sport is a lot more about losing than about winning. And we've all got to guard against letting that cat out of the bag.
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Jankovic crushes Dementieva
Elena Dementieva lost to Jelena Jankovic 6-2 6-1 at the quarterfinals of the US Open.

I just can't explain how sad and disappointed I am right now. And after reading Elena's interview, I felt even sadder.

Oh Lena! Don't lose hope. We'll do better in the Grand Slams next year. All your fans are here for you.

Davai Lena!
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QF Post Match Interview
An interview with: ELENA DEMENTIEVA

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. She was talking earlier about how difficult it is to return your serve. She said returning Serena's was easier to return than yours. She sort of figured something out, how to deal with your serve. Did you sense that out there, considering how you played her in the past?
ELENA DEMENTIEVA: I think it's not about the return. I think the whole game was pretty solid today. She was playing great from the beginning to the end. She didn't give me any chances. I feel like she was just a little I mean, not little, she was better today. For me, it was very hard, you know. I was fighting for every point, but she was just, you know, better and better. It's just unbelievable, the way she was playing today.

Q. You've played her many times. She's always been a very talented player extremely talented. One could argue she's never been the most motivated player out there. She is now, obviously. Can you sense the difference in her game?
ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Well, I think, uhm, she become more consistent player, and she's I mean, she's trying to be more positive. It really looks like she's really enjoying to play right now. The way she's playing, I mean, her game is just coming, you know, becoming more solid every single tournament that she's playing. So for me, today was just very hard, you know, to stay in the court and compete against her. I mean, she was there for every point, and she didn't give me any mistakes.

Q. When you play Jankovic, you probably had periods against her where she had one or two or three games where she looked fantastic, but never the whole match.
Q. Today, was it different? ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Well, yeah. Even comparing to our final in Los Angeles, you know, she had some ups and downs, you know. She was playing great for a couple of games and then, you know, just like she lost her concentration and she was out of, you know, the match. Today she was very consistent during the whole game, and from the beginning. That's why, you know, it was very hard for me to play against her.

Q. You've gone very far. This has been a very good stage for you. You're making an earlier exit than you probably would have thought. A bit disappointed with not being able to get back to, say, semis or finals like in the past?
ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Yes, I am disappointed. I still have I still feel like it was a good result, to be in the quarter. But, you know, I feel like I could do, you know, a little more, and I could go to the semifinals. Yeah, it is disappointing, you know. I'm getting older, and I haven't won a Grand Slam, so that's really what I'm thinking about all the time. I feel like I was in a good shape here. That's why it's sad.

Q. Do you feel, I mean, given that you're up near the top but then you're very up and down, do you feel there's a piece missing somewhere, that you have to rethink and maybe come back with a different attitude? Or do you think, Keep working at it and maybe one day it will all come together?
ELENA DEMENTIEVA: I feel like I'm doing the right thing, you know. I can't play perfect every single day. It's impossible for anyone. So I'm just trying to work hard and, you know, trying to fight in the court no matter what, you know, no matter how my serve is, no matter how I feel. You know, I try to fight because that's what takes you to be champion, you know. Try to win, no matter how you feel today. Just today I wasn't able to do it because she was just so much better.

Q. What would be a Elena Dementieva match without a wrap on your leg?
ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Actually, I feel disappointed because my leg feels so much better now. I had some problems in the beginning of the tournament, but today I was feeling physically great and I was like ready to run, I was ready to have a good match. It was over in one hour. I was very sad.

Q. This is just to make sure nothing more happens (referring to her wrap)?
ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Yeah, it just was for support, yeah. I didn't feel it.

Q. The quality of her play today, is it enough to win a US Open championship?
ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Well, I think she has if she gonna face Justine, I think it's gonna be very tough for her because, you know, what I was trying to do today was trying to mix it up a little bit because she was playing great, you know, from the baseline, you know, very aggressive. It looks like she was in her rhythm of the game. But with Justine, against Justine, you know, with all the speed and slice, what she can do in a match, it's gonna be quite difficult for her. For sure she's in the best condition right now. She's just, you know she has nothing to lose in the semifinals against her. So I think she can do it, yeah.

Q. She has a great sense of humor, she's so easy to laugh. Is she one of the most popular players in the locker room?
ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Well, I think she's very natural, you know. She's a friendly girl, you know. She likes to laugh. She's very loud, so...Yeah, she's just this kind of girl, yeah.

Q. Do you dream about tennis?
ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Do I dream about tennis (smiling)? No, it's gonna be too much. No.
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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
USO QF: Elena and Jelena Rematch
What was supposed to be a rematch of the US Open 2004 Final became a rematch of the JP Morgan Chase Open 2006 Final. Jelena Jankovic spoiled what should have been an all-Russian quarterfinal when she defeated 5th seed Svetlana Kuznetsova. Jankovic will meet Elena Dementieva at the quarterfinals of the 2006 US Open. They're playing the first match (11a.m.) at the Arthur Ashe Stadium on Tuesday.

In teir current Head-to-Head, Dementieva leads 2-1. The last time they met was barely a month ago at the Finals of the JP Morgan Chase Open at Los Angeles, California. Elena won that match 6-3 4-6 6-4. But that won't matter tomorrow as they will be fighting for a spot in the semis of the Open.

Jankovic is making her Grand Slam quarterfinal debut while this is Dementieva's 6th time. In the US Open, Dementieva has never lost a match in the quarters in 3 attempts. She reached the semis in 2000 (l. to Davenport) and 2005 (l. to Pierce in 3s), and the Finals in 2004 (l. to Kuznetsova). This Grand Slam is where Elena shows her best tennis and where she usually makes a good run.

Let's look at how they got to the QF:

On the way to the QF, Jankovic has already made 2 upsets, beating #10 Vaidisova at the 3rd round and #7 Kuznetsova in the 4th, along the way. Jankovic has dropped 2 sets on the way. Dementieva on the other hand has faced a bunch on unseeded players and 33rd seed Zvonoreva. She hasn't dropped a set during the entire tournament and her toughest test came from Aravane Rezai in the 4th round.

Jankovic had a tougher 4th round match than Dementieva. Dementieva's match against Rezai only lasted 1:19 while Jankovic's match against Kuznetsova was a staggering 2:19. Playing the match exactly a day after does not bode well for both girls. Jankovic was having breathing problems on her match against Kuznetsova yesterday while Dementieva's thigh seems to be hurt. The quarterfinal match would be a question of who will outlast the other one.

I was able to catch some parts of both girls' 4th round matches and Jankovic's backhand really amazed me. If Dementieva does not clean up her act and bring her best game in the QF, we might see Jankovic make another upset. But if Dementieva plays to form, serves well and makes few unforced errors, she'll probably head on to the semis. I expect a lot of drama in this match.

I hope Elena's thigh is okay. Let's hope for the best.

Davai Elena!
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Dementieva survives Rezai
Who would have thought that Elena Dementieva's toughest opponent thus far would be the 96th ranked Aravane Rezai? I suppose no one would have thought that. Unfortunately for Rezai, her magical run to the fourth round of the US Open ended when Dementieva won the match 7-5 6-4.

I didn't see the whole match, just bits and pieces of it but I was intently following the US Open Live Scores. The match to me was very peculiar especially the 2nd set where there was a service break fest. Neither can hold their serve and their nerves. I saw some parts of the match and I saw Elena slicing her serve again. I don't know why but I haven't seen her do it for quite a while now. And I also noticed that Elena still has the heavy strapping on her left thigh. According to onthebaseline.com, Elena's mom confirmed that Elena has been having problems would it. That would explain why Elena couldn't run down balls she would normally reach.

The statistics of the match was pretty ugly. Both girls committed a lot of errors and Dementieva only had 8 winners. I hope Elena has enough time to recuperate for her quarterfinal match against Jankovic tomorrow.

Davai Elena!
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Saturday, September 02, 2006
USO 4R: Unseeded Rezai stands in Dementieva's way
Elena Dementieva[4] will be facing unseeded French teen Aravene Rezai. Rezai steam rolled Maria Kirilenko in the previous round 6-3 6-1.

Most people probably haven't heard anything about Rezai and are surprised that she's in the fourth round of the US Open. Not me. Rezai had been improving tremendously the entire year and making big strides in her career. She reached the third round of the French Open in June where she upset Ai Sugiyama en route, then lost to Vaidisova in three sets. ANd in her way to the fourth round, she also upset 16th seed Anna Lena Groenefeld and Lucie Safarova. Rezai is currently ranked 96.

Dementieva and Rezai has never faced each other before. Elena is also probable surprised that she is not meeting a seeded player in the fourth round. Rezai is probable surprised with herself too. I haven't seen her in action ever so I can't really make any judgement about her game.

On paper, it looks like Dementieva will win this match easily. But we don't want to underestimate Rezai. She might be lower-ranked but getting to the fourth round of the Open is no small feat. The key here will be whether Dementieva would be able to continue serving well. If she does, Rezai would have no chance. Her return game has been good the entire tournament so I hope that continues for Elena as well.

Davai Elena!
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Dementieva tested by Zvonoreva
The All-Russian match between Elena Dementieva and Vera Zvonoreva lived up to most people's expectations. There were lots of service breaks throughout the 1st set. But the second serve was all about holding serve, and Dementieva never faced a break point. Dementieva won 7-5 6-3.

The first set was full of errors from both players but it was evident in the entire match that it was Dementieva who was trying to take control. Dementieva 35 winners compared to Zvonoreva's 11.

It's really great to see that Elena hasn't dropped a set yet and is entering the second week as fresh as the other top players. Zvonoreva tested her a bit and Elena must be feeling confident that she beat Vera in straight sets. Her serve has really improved and she haven't served up more than 9 double faults a match during the tournament. The second serve is still a bit weak but if she gets enough 1st serves in, she converts. Really great showing Elena! Good luck on your next match.

Davai Elena!
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Friday, September 01, 2006
USO 3R: Elena vs Vera
Elena Dementieva and Vera Zvonareva are two of the most talented Russian players on the WTA Tour. Dementieva is ranked 5th in the world while Zvonareva is at No. 34. Dementieva is currently the Russian No. 2 while Zvonareva is the Russian No. 9. It seems like it has been a long time since Zvonareva was ranked in the top 10 but Zvonareva has been playing a lot better lately capturing 2 titles this year, and so has Dementieva.

Vera and Elena has played each other only once before and they met here in Flushing Meadows two years ago, albeit a round later. Elena won their 4th round encounter during the 2004 US Open 1-6 6-4 6-3.

Both women hasn't dropped a set yet after 2 matches but Dementieva had much more comfortable scorelines than Vera. But this match will be very close. Both are very talented and heart will play a big role in this match. And both are also known for being mentally fragile. Whoever serves better has the upper hand of this match.

Davai Elena!
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Elena bagels Laine to move in to 3rd round
In the second round of the US Open, Elena Dementieva blitzed past Emma Laine 6-4 6-0 in just a little over an hour. Dementie moves into the third round where she will face compatriot Vera Zvonareva.

The match was really all about Elena as she fired 19 winners all over the court. She had really great statistics in this match and I hope she performs as well, if not better against Vera tomorrow. It's almost unbelievable! 100% point in the net, winning 72% on 1st serve and 79% points on 2nd serve. I really like it that she improved her 2nd serve percentage compared to her 1st round match where she only won 28%. Moving on, she never faced a single break point during the entired match and limited her double faults to 4. It's really nice that Elena had a good and short match today so she could prepare more for tomorrow's match. I hope that her good showing today continues tomorrow.

Davai Elena!
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